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  • 15 "Camp Lodge and Dining Hall" Giclee Prints 12x16 $275 16x20 $365
    Not For Sale
  • #14 "New Pond Reflections" 12x16...$275 16x20...$375
    #14 "New Pond Reflections" 12x16 oil original ($650) and giclee prints. The new pond was a great addition to Teton Valley Ranch Camp in 2007. Giclee prints are available from this original in 12x16 ($275) and 16x20 ($375) sizes.
    Direct Sale
  • #13 "Static and Buck From Menors Ferry" 12x16...$275 16x20...$375
    #13 "Static and Buck From Menors Ferry" 12x16 original $450. This view of Static Peak and Buck Mountain was painted from the old Menor's Ferry dock on the east shore of the Snake River. Giclee prints are available in 12x16 $275 and 16x20 $375 sizes.
    Direct Sale
  • #12 New Teton Valley Ranch Camp 2005 12x16...$275 16x20...$375
    #12 Teton Valley Ranch New Camp 2005 12x16 $275 16x20 $385 A new era of Teton Valley Ranch Camp has begun with the successful first Boys' Season at the new location between Jackson and Dubois, Wyoming. They are available in either 12x16 or 16x20 inch sizes for $275 and $375 respectively
    Direct Sale
  • #11 Cathedral, Lienz, Austria 11x14...$255
    #11 Lienz Cathedral, Austria 11x14 $255 This cathedral is in Lienz, Austria. It is a beautiful landmark which can be seen from almost anywhere in town, as well as from the countryside.
    Direct Sale
  • #10 Schloss Bruck Castle, Lienz, Austria 12x16...$275
    #10 Lienz Schloss Bruck Castle, Austria 12x16 $275 Ths Schloss Bruck Castle guards Lienz, Austria from one side. It is a landmark which is now owned by the town and set aside as a museum for people to enjoy. It can be seen from nearly everywhere in Lienz and forms a majestic sentinal from this entry to town.
    Direct Sale
  • #9 Lienz Hauptplatz, Austria 12x16...$275
    #9 Lienz Hauptplatz, Austria 12x16 $275 Since I wake up early most every morning, I decided to wander around Lienz, Austria, to see what I could paint. This is the central plaza, or "Hauptplatz" in the early morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.
    Direct Sale
  • #8 The Grosglockner, Lienz, Austria 11x14...$255
    #8 The Grosglockner, Lienz, Austria 11x14 $255 While traveling in Austria for the presentation of our buffalo sculpture to Jackson's Sister-City of Lienz, we visited the Gros Glockner, which is the tallest mountain in Austria. Many people were skiing this beautiful day.
    Direct Sale
  • #7 Top Of The Tram Jackson Hole 11x14...$255 16x20...$375
    #7 Top Of The Tram Jackson Hole 11x14 $255 16x20 $375 "Top Of The Tram", Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Every time I get off the tram, I am inspired by this incredible view south toward Cody Peak and Rendezvous Peak in the distance. I have always wanted to paint it. So, one nice spring skiing day I took my gear and painted on the deck of the Corbet Cabin, until the ski patrol needed me to leave before the sweep. The original is sold, but we're happy to offer this giclee for you mountain lovers. We can also produce it larger by special order.
    Direct Sale
  • #6 The Nene of Haleakala 11x14...$255 22x28...$465
    #6 The Nene of Haleakala 11x14 $255 22x28 $465 The nene (naynay) geese, are an endangered species living in the Hawaiian Islands. They love the slopes of Mount Haleakala on Maui. The story is that they are related to the familiar Canada Goose. $255 framed and shipped
    Direct Sale
  • #4 Camp At Double Bar J 12x16...$275
    #4 Camp Dining Hall & Kitchen 12x16 $275 This is the camp dining hall and kitchen while camp was located at the Double Bar J Ranch from 2002-2004. The dining tent was a great addition with it's open lighting and spaceousness. Campers had great summer here, with the Pinnacles towering int he distance.
    Direct Sale
  • #3 Togwotee Pass Teton Silouette 12x16...$275
    #3 Togwotee Pass Teton Silouette 12x16 Giclee $275 As one drives over Togwotee Pass from Dubois toward Jackson, Wyoming, this incredible scene awaits. With the flowers blooming in the foreground, against the early evening silouette of the Tetons across the valley of Jackson Hole, it was irresistable to stop and paint.
    Direct Sale
  • #1 String Lake And The Tetons 9x12...$235 16x20...$375
    #1 String Lake And Tetons 9x12 $235 16x20 $375 This scene is one of the most stunning in Grand Teton National Park. While painting here in the early fall, elk were bugling and playing in the water at the far side of the lake. Up above are Mt Teewinot, the Grand Teton and Mt Owen.
    Direct Sale
  • #2 Yellowstone Canyon 11x14 Giclee prints $255

    #2 Yellowstone Canyon 11x14 original $375 Giclee $255 The Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone is a classic inspirational view from Artist's Point along the canyon rim. Two little kids could wait for me to paint in the falls and finally came back with their Mom, who asked if I could please paint in the falls so her children could watch before they had to leave. I was thrilled to paint in the falls.

    Direct Sale
  • "Peaceful Sips" giclee prints
    The majestic bull elk gently sips from the misty lake one foggy morning. The calf is exploring and the cow is pondering the bull. There is a quiet interaction between the three. This comes from a peaceful canoe trip Judy and I enjoyed in String Lake one fall evening, with the dusk melting into evening as the summer faded into fall.
    Direct Sale
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