Matt and Judy live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with side art trips to Bozeman, Maui and other interesting places.  Judy comes from a career of teaching and education administration, having started the first WYoming accredited pre-school in Pinedale, and many years as Executive Director of The Learning Center in Jackson.  Matt grew up in the Yellowstone/Teton country of Wyoming and Montana as the son of a teaching Geologist., and early career with Teton Valley Ranch Camp.  A Graduate of Dartmouth College in Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies,, Matt continues to develop his oil painting  and sculpting career. Having enjoyed carving wood and starting an elk antler jewelry carving business long ago, he is really enjoying the addition of bronze sculpture from clay and wax to his repertoire. Judy, a Humbolt State graduate, is the creative photographer. She has an eye for the special and unique shots that give character to a scene. Matt and Judy enjoy a creative life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Bozeman, Montana and Maui, Hawaii. Painting, sculpture and photography are a significant part of their lives and passions and they are glad to share them with you.